Maiko Itai Miss Universe Japan 2010 Foto Topless

Maiko Itai Miss Universe Japan 2010 Foto Topless. The Miss Universe competition has just started last week. However, before the contestants enliven headlines by answering various questions, photographing topless (topless) are established with a splashy news.

Maiko Itai Miss Universe Japan 2010 Foto Topless

On August 9 last, has held a photocall in Las Vegas, where the Access Hollywood exclusively managed to capture a moment from behind the scenes.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago, LaToya Woods, one of the contestants who perform breast Umbar action. With that action, LaToya said he hoped the photos could attract attention.

"It would be surprising, but the important thing is my comfort (topless action). This is my body and I feel free to do this," he explained that from Access Hollywood, Thursday (12/08/2010).

LaToya added that he thought it was a great decision to conduct the photography session.

"You know the saying, 'bad publicity is good publicity' It would be good," he added.

Not only are melakoni LaToya menghobahkan action, several other Miss Universe contestants even perform topless action for the official photo of Miss Universe event.

Among others, Miss USA, Rima Fakih. Muslim girls are Arab-Americans posing topless, and mengumbar her breasts in front of the camera. At that time, his picture taken with the pose from the back of his body.

"They give a choice which makes us uncomfortable and I told them that I was comfortable with the beauty," he said.

This is alarming photocall dilakoni the contestants from around the world with body painting (body paint). That is the reason why Miss USA would not mind doing it. Only 24 years old girl had a reason for my back to the camera pose.

"I love taken from behind, I do not want to be photographed from the front for various reasons, and one of them is respect. I'm an Arab, I'm Muslim and I do not want to disappoint many people," he revealed.

Miss USA covering her breasts with her hands and fingers just showing off his back, while Miss Japan Maiko Ittai use arms to protect semibugilnya action. The last woman actually fainted after standing for two hours when it was painted in Las Vegas for a hot shooting session.

While Miss Haiti, Sarodj act, along with several other contestants have decided not to pose topless, but wearing a bikini and painted body.

Interestingly, Miss Haiti, expressing her mother is a candidate for president of Haiti before experienced by her mother's murder in 1995 and then.

Sarodj told Access Hollywood she admires Wyclef Jean, a confused person who fits into President archipelago country. As a singer, Wyclef has different feelings about who should become president of his nation.

"Now talk politics, I believe my country needs someone who knows the problem of Haiti, a person who has studied society, learn history," he concluded.